Tribus has developed a new innovation for public transport, the Movitas. A 100% electric citybus that offers a solution to reduce air pollution in urban areas and city centers. The powerful design is lightweight, compact and agile making even inner cities highly accessible. The Movitas has four wheel steering and is not afraid of tight corners. The Movitas has modular battery packs and allows for opportunity charging (pantograph) or depot charging (CCS plug).

STE Solutions was responsible for the complete High Voltage E/E architecture including engineering and integration in the longest variant of the Movitas. Full integration of all High Voltage (800VDC) systems from concept till homologation approval have been supported. Have a look on the website from Movitas to discover all the unique features of the citybus.

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E/E Architecture, PV780B, PDM IX3212, CXM-110, Thermocouple Scanners, Protocol Converters, 3 Axis Inclinometer, CANJ1939, CANOpen, CANBridge Fleet Management System, Remote, Telematics, EV, Webasto Battery System, Drivetrain, Autosar E2E Communication Protection, CCS2 3-Phase Charging, DC Charging, ECE R100, ECE R10