Trens developed an unique vehicle which can be used as people mover or as cargo vehicle. The 100% electric Trens Solar Train transports 60 passengers comfortably over existing streets. No street is too narrow, no corner is too tight and no slope is too steep. The Trens Solar Train provides comfortable passenger transport in historic city centres, on boulevards or on routes to and from Transfer P+R area’s. In addition to passenger transport the Trens Solar Train is ideally suited for city distribution: large loads can be transported within a compact urban environment. The train actively contributes to a clean environment and is characterized by remarkably low operating costs.

STE Solutions was responsible for the integration of a 5″ colour display which controls various sub-systems via both CAN and LIN bus such as a High Voltage heating unit. Main function of the display is to control the Power Distribution Modules and to show diagnostic information to the driver and mechanics. Check the website from Trens Solar Train to discover all the endless possibilities of the Solar Train.

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E/E Architecture, PV500, PDM IX3212, CANJ1939, CANOpen, LIN, EV, BMS, Drivetrain, Cabin Heating Ventilation and Airconditioning, ECE R100, ECE R10, Air-Suspension Control